Review: Life Sucks!

Life Sucks! is Clancy Tucker’s third book in the ‘Kick Ass’ series featuring the bold, intelligent and proactive, Sam Tyler. 

She is a dynamic character; a fighter for lost causes who believes in giving everyone a fair go. Many important issues are addressed through her thoughts and dialogue.

After beating brain cancer, Sam is now a Law student on a scholarship at Folkestone University. She immediately becomes involved in the Student Council, continues her karate at which she excels, and gets a part-time job at Ollie’s Tavern near the campus.

She is eager, willing and able to be the best she can be in every area of her life.

Past hardships have taught her to be compassionate and grateful, and ready to serve where she is needed. Just like her dad who died when she was twelve.

Sam meets the wealthy Mrs Chandler who owns a mansion close to the University. She is the now elderly daughter of the first Governor of Folkestone. Mrs C is impressed by Sam’s honesty and forthright manner. It doesn’t take long before they spark up a warm friendship.

When Sam learns that the University is working in an insidious manner to take Mrs C’s home from her, Sam’s is determined to stop them. Research on the manor uncovers many important facts; about the people on the board as well as the historical and Indigenous significance of the land. This is the first uncovering of a cluster of unknowns.

Then Sam learns that her dad and Ollie from the tavern were mates during the Vietnam War. At last, there is someone who can give her information about her dad’s war life!

There is more than Law for Sam to learn at Folkestone. 

Mrs C has secrets she won’t share with anyone. Sam’s roommate and three friends, who refuse to buckle down and study, are facing expulsion. There is the matter of homelessness that tugs at Sam’s heart. Her ability to show kindness and understanding is her greatest weapon against things that need changing. Then there is the Varsity Karate Tournament. It has never been won by Folkestone. Can she be the first to bring home the trophy?

Challenges are what Sam thrives on. But sometimes, life sucks!

Always with positive and inspiring messages, award-winning Clancy Tucker’s writing is spellbinding. A Human Rights Activist among a string of other things, his work with street kids puts him in a perfect position to write about young people authentically, passionately championing those in need. Issues that are close to his heart always surface in his books, with his leading characters their conduit.

Life Sucks! is another terrific, no-holds-barred look at society’s shortcomings, and the scandalous manipulation and abuse of power that occurs within the political ranks. More so, it explores the secrets people keep, the importance of acts of kindness, and giving everyone a second chance, regardless of their mistakes or shortcomings.

Title: Life Sucks!
Author: Clancy Tucker
Publisher: Morris Publishing, $ 40.00 (includes postage)
Publication Date: 27 April 2021
Format: Paperback
For ages:
Young Adult Fiction

June 24, 2021 at 12:35PM Anastasia Gonis