Review: Lion Poops

Lionel Poops is a funny board book with quirky humour that reads perfectly for a young audience who may be in need of some toilet training tips.

Lionel is bouncing on the trampoline when all the sudden, he feels the urge to poop.
But, Lionel does not know exactly where to do his business, so ends up traipsing all over the world from cows to Paris to the sun itself to do his ‘doo’. ‘No, Lionel No!’ Will
he ever make it to the toilet?
My toddler roared with laughter at this one. The repetition is effective by making each page readable and fun for its intended age group. I cracked up reading it for the first time myself. I loved the drawings of Lionel, which are also hilarious in their own right, from his big toothy smile, to his adorable belly button. You will find yourself shouting along to the repetitive line ‘No, Lionel No!’ as Lionel tramps about the world, finding different things to poop on.
The pastel colours of the illustrations with the sky blue background and the lemon
yellow lion are gentle and well suited for its age group. 
Lionel Poops teaches young ones about using the toilet properly in the best possible way, because it is so subtle they won’t realise they are being taught a lesson. A hilarious book absolutely perfect for any kid who needs to learn where to do their business!
Lionel has another story in which Lionel learns all about food, Lionel Learns to Eat,
and I bet it is as great as this (and hopefully doesn’t involve any poop!).
Title: Lionel Poops
Author/Illustrator: Eric Veille
Publisher: Walker Books Australia, $12.99
Publication Date: 1 June 2022
Format: Board book
ISBN: 9781776574636
For ages: 0 – 2
Type: Picture Book

August 4, 2022 at 12:32AM DimbutNice