Review: Monster Hunting for Beginners

Do you feel the itch for adventure? Are you pretty sure there is something out there waiting for you? Do you wish your dad would stop being so protective and scared all the time so you can go out there and find your calling?

Jack does.

Jack lives with his dad. His dad is a safe man who likes everything to be safe and likes to stay safe all the time. He doesn’t like adventure or risk. 

Jack craves adventure. He senses there is something more for him, but he loves his dad, so he follows  all the ‘safe’ rules.

But then Jack’s dad disappears, and a strange woman turns up claiming to be Jack’s aunt. She isn’t very nice, and Jack is suspicious. And then an ogre appears, and Jack knows for sure something very odd is going on.

Jack soon learns that monsters are real, have always been real and are all around you if you only pay attention. He also discovers there is a mysterious and glorious occupation called a ‘monster hunter’.

Following clues and literal hot cross breadcrumbs, Jack and some helpful helpers track down the ogres as they try to find Jack’s dad and figure out how everything is connected. But hunting monsters is not for the faint hearted. There is much to fear and much danger along the way. Plus, there are monster hunting rules that must be followed, and some of them make it really difficult to get the job done.

But there is help at hand. Jack has a copy of ‘Monster Hunting for Beginners’, a magical guide to the monster hunting profession, with entries on all sorts of monsters and how to hunt them (or avoid them).

Monster Hunting for Beginners is a brilliant new junior fiction series for all fans of the fantastical, mystery and adventure. It’s non-stop action in this book, pulling readers into the mysterious and throwing twists, turns and surprises as each chapter progresses.

The monster guide features throughout the book, with entries peppered throughout the pages, so you get to learn about the variety of monsters out there, even if Jack is yet to encounter them. Fun and funky illustrations also feature throughout the book, supporting the super fun story.

With rich characters, a fabulously fresh storyline and loads of twists, I thoroughly enjoyed Monster Hunting for Beginners. If you’re looking for something new for your monster loving readers, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this book.

Title: Monster Hunting for Beginners
Author: Ian Mark
Illustrator: Louis Ghibault
Publisher: Farshore Fiction, $14.99
Publication Date: 28 July 2021
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780755504367
For ages: 8 – 12
Type: Junior Fiction

September 6, 2021 at 12:34AM Shaye Wardrop