Review: The Story of Australia: For the Young and the Curious

The Story of Australia was first published in 1984. This superb edition, has been produced for a younger audience and is an experience in reading pleasure.

Evidence of human occupation goes back 50,000 years and its from what is found in the ground such as bones and seeds, that reveals to us, what food and animals the early people lived on.

Prehistorians have documented fascinating statistics about the groups that existed in those early times; their individual lands, languages and dialects, and how our first Australians adapted and survived all the climactic and natural changes.

Beginning at Ancient Australia, The Story of Australia for the Young and the Curious, is beautifully presented and referenced. Each section is introduced by a page of stunning coloured illustrations and a listing of the time-line being covered.

The descriptions of situations that led to the decimation of the Aboriginal population are tragic and confronting, with settlers taking possession of the land from which all life, knowledge and spirituality depended.

The entries move through history in a smooth narrative that takes its time to succinctly relay the historical evolution of our country.

Its well-considered design is paramount. Spreads share the page equally between the full colour and black and white archived images, and the detailed text.

I found this a priceless reference book whose vivid descriptions breathe life into the narrative.

This compilation of Australian history is perfect for any age, but specifically valuable to younger readers for study and enjoyment. Its vibrant cover reflects the quality of the content. These 218 pages will be dipped into, referred to repeatedly, and treasured by book lovers and history buffs.

Title: The Story of Australia: For the Young and the Curious
Author: Don Watson
Black Inc., $32.99
Publication Date:
2 July 2021
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781760641139
For ages: 10+
Type: Non Fiction

July 30, 2021 at 12:30PM Anastasia Gonis