Review: This is NOT a Unicorn!

Unicorns are imaginary.

Although they are not real, they seem to have great appeal to some young children.

The make believe creature that is called a unicorn, has a single horn on its forehead. 

However, because they do not exist, in This is NOT a Unicorn!, the author and illustrator get quite creative about what a creature with such a characteristic might be capable of.

This is actually a creature that is not what it seems.

It has many clever, useful, and versatile skills.

Its horn can play skip rope, water the garden, or be a key that unlocks a door. It can also blow up a balloon, catch a fish, and so much more.

More than anything, this creature is fun and friendly, and whatever you want it to be.

With a clever play on words (is it unicorn or you-nicorn?), Barry Timms and Ged Adamson have created a book that will encourage imagination, filled with extremely bright illustrations.

This is NOT a Unicorn! will attract the attention of any children who dream of unicorns.

Title: This is NOT a Unicorn!
Author: Barry Timms
Illustrator: Ged Adamson
Publisher: Nosy Crow, $ 24.99
Publication Date: August 2021
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781839942877
For ages: 2–5 year olds
Type: Picture Books

August 15, 2021 at 12:30AM Unknown