Review: Treehouse Tales: Too Silly To Be Told Until Now

There’s probably no need for an introduction to this outrageously successful Griffiths/Denton writer and illustrator Treehouse duo, but I’ll give you one anyway because why not. 

They’re an award-winning creative team who’ve been collaborating for YEARS and YEARS and they still like each other. In a recent podcast, Andy revealed that the pair no longer shut themselves away to work on books, however nowadays they do work online together and hang out. Which is nice to know.

Actually, if you have early school-aged children and haven’t yet been introduced to the joyful and totally bonkers world of the Treehouse series, then you’re in for a real treat. (Also, where have you been?).

Thirteen short, funny, supremely silly, never-before-told stories from the world of the award-winning, sales-smashing, bestselling Treehouse series. 

The very special kind of mental acuity that you need in order to appreciate the Treehousebooks, is located in the limbic brain near the vego-stupido nerve. This nerve is activated in an especially delightful way when reading companion compilations of Treehouse stories, such as this one.

You’ll laugh. You’ll squirm. You’ll roll your eyes. You’ll pore over the brilliantly scribbly illustrations before thinking ‘I want to try that’ and digging for the greylead pencil that you lost down the back of the couch. You’ll definitely want a super-duper-sucker-upperer and a sandwich maker that reads your mind before spitting out the perfect sandwich – and that you didn’t even know existed.

But most of all, you’ll wish you’d thought of every single antic in this book before its creators did. Except for that ridiculous chair-up-your-nose-day. They can keep that one for their slimy-nosed selves.

Highly recommended for all the Treehouse afficionados out there, and their friends.

Title: Treehouse Tales: Too Silly To Be Told Until Now
Author: Andy Griffiths
Illustrator: Terry Denton
Publisher: Pan Macmillan $14.99
Publication Date: 29 March 2022
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781760987275
For ages: 7+
Type: Junior Fiction

July 7, 2022 at 12:31AM DimbutNice