Review: You’re The Best, Mum!

Mums often hear the sentiment, ‘You’re the best, Mum!’ from their adoring offspring. The unconditional love youngsters possess for their mothers, is the stuff the best heart-tugging movies and tear-jerking works of fiction are made of, almost too good to be true let alone believe. 

When you’re having frumpy day, a child’s sweet conviction that you are the most divine creature on earth can buoy you past the thermosphere, which is to say, very very high up.

But is this because of the way we make them feel? And if so, what innocent acts of lovingness incite such strong bonds between a mother and her child? The answers snuggle delightfully between the covers of Charles Fuge’s latest Little Wombat picture book, You’re the Best Mum!

Voiced in lilting first person rhyming verse, Little Wombat describes all the best bits about his mum, from the minute he wakes up to the moment he rests his weary head against her chest. Thankfully the anthropomorphic attributes such as hair brushing are kept to a bare minimum; Fuge’s soft-toned water coloured illustrations are more than enough to convey the affectionate relationship between mother and offspring.

Mum is there through Little Wombat’s day, all day, every day, guiding him, teaching him. Like many mums, she has the ability to ground and comfort, nurture and astound. She is a full time playmate, a joker, a clown but still someone he can turn to when things get scary and life gets him down. In short, his mum is like a big beautiful band-aid, the special colourful kind that always takes away the hurt and replaces it with smiles, which feature extensively throughout this book.

I love the light and shade Fuge employs in Little Wombat’s story along with the cute additions of some iconic Aussie creatures. There’s even a pair of Budgies! You’re The Best, Mum! is not just an endearing picture book that is more than at home as a bedtime story but also a loving affirmation of the quality of motherhood and the profound relationship between mother and child.

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Title:  You’re The Best, Mum!
Author / Illustrator: Charles Fuge
Publisher:  Walker Books Australia $24.99
Publication Date:  April 2021
Format:  Hardcover
: 9781760652296
For ages:  3+
Type:  Picture Book

May 7, 2021 at 12:31PM DimbutNice