Roarsome! Best dinosaur books for kids

When my boys were around the ages of three to five they became obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with dinosaurs.

So much so that it felt like we had a pet dino living in the house with us. There was much roaring, stomping and stalking going on (little hands always in the t-rex position). Gosh, it was noisy!

Often my wee dinosaurs would escape into the backyard and our garden became Jurassic World. Predators lurked and we were all vulnerable prey, even those of us who had just stepped outside to hang out the washing. “Shhh, Mum. There’s a velociraptor in the shed!” That kind of thing.

My next door neighbour even commented over the fence once. “Lana, the sounds coming from your place …. What. Is. Going. On?!”

A ‘keen interest’ (ha, that’s an understatement) in scary prehistoric beasts with teeth, claws and SCALES, that’s what. Nothing to see here!

Now I know my boys are not the only kids to fall head over heels in love with the ferocious beasts. The dinosaur obsession has stood the test of time and it seems every generation produces a new legion of young fans – all oddly fascinated by the extinct reptiles.

As you’ve clicked on this post, I’m guessing you either live with one now, or you know of a little someone who can correctly pronounce ‘parasaurolophus’, but still hasn’t lost a baby tooth?

Such is the age of the dinosaur stage!

Well, if you want to truly fuel their roaring passion, then books all about dinosaurs are the bomb.

Here are some of our favourite children’s dinosaur books. Most are perfect for this 3-5 age group but the encyclopedias towards the end of the list are for those older kids who haven’t yet outgrown the phase.

A dinosaur book is also a terrifying – I mean TERRIFIC – birthday gift that is still on the dino party theme (assuming there is one), but isn’t yet another plastic figurine that might one day end up in landfill.

Oh and of course, they are all totally roarsome reads!

See also our ‘Must-Have Dinosaur Books for All Ages’ post from 2014 to check out some dino classics that may be available for loan from your local library, as well as our ‘Best Books for Toddlers’ and all of Megan’s favourite reads for each age and stage here.

Best Dinosaur Books for Kids

‘Dippy and the Dinosaurs’


‘The ABC Book of Dinosaurs’


‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’


‘Dinosaurs Love Underpants’


‘Dr Karl’s Book of Dinos’


‘The Ultimate Dinosaur Encyclopedia’


‘First Dinosaur Encyclopedia’


‘DK Eyewitness: Dinosaur’


‘Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures’


‘Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life’


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May 2, 2021 at 11:54AM Lana Hallowes