The Alligator King (1972)

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Debuting on Sesame Street on November 20, 1972, The Alligator King is an animated story in song about a king who’s “feelin’ mighty down.” In an attempt to fix it, the alligator king tells his seven sons that he’ll pass his crown to the one who can cheer him up. From

The first six princes bring their father luxurious gifts, but they end up doing more harm than good, for example, fancy perfume causes the reptilian monarch to break out in a spotty rash “’cause it smelled like cheap cigars”. The seventh prince, however, helps the king up after he falls down and is awarded the crown, which is revealed to have been purchased “on sale at a discount store” for seven cents. As a result, not only does “The Alligator King” teach about the number 7, but it also shows that helping others and making one’s fellow human beings feel cared for is more important than owning material possessions.

alligator king and his 7 sons

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