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Book Review of The Crowns of Croswald: Book 4: The War of the Woods
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The War of the Woods: Book Cover

Written by D.E. Night

Ages 10+ | 336 Pages

Publisher: Stories Untold LLC | ISBN-13: 9781733859073

What to expect: Fantasy, Magical Powers, Mystery

Reminiscent of J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories, The Crowns of Croswald is a thrilling four-book series. In this last installment, Ivy Lovely will face her biggest battle yet. A map, a dragon, a crown, a stone, forged friendships, a growing dark power, and a love that cannot be, will keep readers captivated to the very last page.

After the dramatic cliffhanger ending of The Words of the Wandering, Ivy is slowly recovering from her injuries under the careful watch of her closest confidant, Fyn. Trapped inside the Halls of their abandoned school, their love for one another is growing, while outside a war is brewing. The Queen’s constant search for all the pieces of The Kindred Stone and her desire to access its power is as strong as ever.

With the help of a map left behind by Rimbrick—Ivy’s deceased dwarf friend for whom she is grieving—Ivy and Fyn realize that they must break free and find their way through the Dwarf Tunnels if they are to prevent The Queen from destroying their world, along with everyone in it.

Excitement and suspense build with D.E. Night’s energetic and perfectly timed pacing of repeated bouts of rest and danger for the characters. This consistent tempo leads the characters to a final calm before the great storm—an action-filled war in which the outcome looks grim.

Gentle, humorous banter between Fyn and Ivy peppers the text, building the readers’ understanding of how deep their connection is to one another while also helping to lighten the ominous scenes in which they often find themselves. Elements of mystery captivate readers, too: Why is Fyn holding back from loving Ivy the way readers know that he wants to? And how is Fyn’s dad, who disappeared long ago, connected to current events?

Two themes course through this epic ending to a truly enjoyable fantasy series—helping others can be a powerful gift and we all have magic within us if we trust in ourselves. The Crowns of Croswald is a perfect series for tweens and teens.

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D.E. Night

About the Author

D.E. Night lives, dreams, and writes in South Florida amid her menagerie–two dogs, two cats–with her family. The War of the Woods is the fourth book in the Croswald series. She draws inspiration from silver-screen storytellers, magical imaginings, and her son jake. A day spent in Croswald, or another whimsical world is her favorite kind of day.

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