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Book Review of The Golden Quest: Your Journey to a Rich Life
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The Golden Quest: Book Cover

Written by David Delisle

Illustrated by Travis Hanson

Ages 5-18 | 108 Pages

Publisher: David Delisle | ISBN-13: 9781777718909

What to Expect: Pets, Money, Material Possessions, Family, Value

The Golden Quest is a kids’ guide to financial mindfulness disguised as an awesome adventure quest.

When a young boy gets a treasure map for his birthday, he can’t wait to start getting rich. Together with his dog, Shelby, he sets out on a quest to follow the map: from the Temple of the White Mountains to the Crystal Caverns, the University at the End of the Valley, and finally, the Bank. During his travels, he learns the real secrets to being rich—such as spending wisely, saving first, and investing. More importantly, he learns that real wealth and value don’t come from having money or buying things. Instead, they are the product of good deeds and wise actions. With the Golden Rules he learns on his quest, the young boy really will be rich!

With a relatable hero, a handy treasure map, and lots of mystical places to visit, this graphic novel helps readers think deeply about their relationships with things, money, and consumer culture. Vibrant comic-style artwork brings the quest to life on the page, and quotes from ancient philosophers at the start of each new chapter help ground the story’s lessons in centuries of wisdom.

Overall, The Golden Quest is a fun way to encourage a mature relationship with money culture.

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About the Author

David Delisle is the author of The Golden Quest, a graphic novel that teaches kids about money based on the simple idea of “only buying the awesome stuff” and creating the freedom for what’s most important to YOU. His goal is to teach an entire generation of kids how to live a rich life and he’d love to have you join him in this journey.

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