The science behind Johnson’s product fragrances: Everything you’ve wanted to know | Sponsored Message

The science behind Johnson’s product fragrances: Everything you’ve wanted to know | Sponsored Message

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Before we agreed to partner with Johnson’s on this series, we did our own research about their growth and evolution in terms of ingredients, practice, and transparency. As parents ourselves, we are incredibly conscientious about the brands we work with and we felt good about what we learned.

We are firm believers in supporting brands who listen to customer feedback, respect new scientific data as it emerges, and show a genuine commitment to safety and transparency.

Therefore, we present the following sponsored message from Johnson’s®..

It’s important as a parent to feel confident in all the products you buy for your baby, and that includes the skincare products you put on your baby. That’s why brands like Johnson’s have listened to what parents want, and are becoming increasingly transparent about methods, ingredients, testing, and safety practices.

That includes the fragrances used, and the science behind it.

1. Why Johnson’s use fragrance in some products: It’s science.

Not every parent wants fragrance in the products they buy, which is why Johnson’s offers a complete line of fragrance-free baby products. However when fragrance is used, parents can rest assured it has been stringently tested for safety and can even have some proven positive effects on babies.

In fact, lots of products incorporate essential oils which may sound appealing, but they are often allergens for sensitive babies. So Johnson’s makes sure ingredients in all baby products are proven scientifically safe, not just that they sound safe.

2. Johnson’s follows the strict standards of the International Fragrance Association.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the IFRA limits or prohibits the use of certain ingredients.Their standards are based on the findings of the Research Institute of Fragrance Materials, which offers the most comprehensive worldwide source of data on the safety of fragrance and fragrance ingredients.

All scientific findings they release have been evaluated by an independent panel of international experts including dermatologists, pathologists, and environmental scientists.

3.  Johnson’s does not include fragrances with known allergens.

Johnson’s formulas have always been free of known allergens, but as new scientific data emerges, that list grows — including potentially allergenic ingredients.

In fact, while there are hundreds of typical fragrance ingredients, only 25{95a2b84223771f6dc99687581f8d75dfbd5fdd45bc711e1847180ef96d7d2d0f} of them meet Johnson’s own safety standards for gentle baby products. Safety and gentleness always come first.And ingredients from every Johnson’s supplier are screened down to 1 part per million, or 0.0001{95a2b84223771f6dc99687581f8d75dfbd5fdd45bc711e1847180ef96d7d2d0f} to insure that even minute levels of impurity are identified so that it won’t impact product safety or efficacy.

4. You can look up all the ingredients in any given Johnson’s fragrance.

Search for ingredients by scent and by fragrance type (floral, fruity, green, citrus) right on this page. Full transparency with consumers is incredibly important.


5. Fragrances are only used at scientifically-proven safe concentrations.

Johnson’s products exceed international safety standards for baby products, and that includes our scented products. A baby’s skin is up to 30{95a2b84223771f6dc99687581f8d75dfbd5fdd45bc711e1847180ef96d7d2d0f} thinner than an adult’s, so it’s extra important for to look out for their unique health and safety needs.

6. Fragrance isn’t just about smell — it can actually improve sleep behaviors.

Newborns rely on their sense of smell more than any other sense, and published clinical studies over the past 15 years demonstrate that products with a light scent provide benefits to babies like increasing relaxation and helping to enhance sleep.

In fact, bathing infants with fragranced bath products has been proven reduce infant stress and crying before sleep by 23.7{95a2b84223771f6dc99687581f8d75dfbd5fdd45bc711e1847180ef96d7d2d0f}, and increase by nearly 33{95a2b84223771f6dc99687581f8d75dfbd5fdd45bc711e1847180ef96d7d2d0f} the time spent in deep sleep, when compared with unscented bath products.

7. Scents that babies like can encourage mother-baby bonding.

A study in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing found that use of products with fragrance that’s pleasant to infants can enhance engagement between a mother and baby by creating a direct connection to memory and emotion.

8. You can still choose fragrance-free Johnson’s products.

While some brands just write FRAGRANCE on the label, there is no specific ingredient in any Johnson’s product that isn’t listed on the label. That includes fragrance above 100 PPM, or 1/10th of a percent.

Whether you prefer fragrant or fragrance-free products for your baby, you will see that information on every label of every Johnson’s product, so you know you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.

This has been a sponsored message from Johnson’s.

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