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The Sun Plays with the Moon: Book Cover

Written by Alicia Mofford

Illustrated by Annie Wilkinson

Ages 3-10 | 24 Pages

Publisher: Green Emerald Publishing | ISBN-13: 9788985036602

What to Expect: Science, solar system, space, nature

Using the familiar and comforting metaphors of friendship and play, The Sun Plays with the Moon offers a way for young readers to understand the natural world and the physics of space and the solar system.

Why do the sun and moon chase each other endlessly across the sky? Because they’re best friends, of course! As they play tag, catch each other, high-five, and hug, the ocean tides and views of the night sky on Earth are affected. Their everlasting friendship creates fascinating changes and wonders that we can see in the day and night skies. Whether they’re running from each other or catching each other up, there’s always something beautiful to see!

This story provides an introduction to science and reassures young readers that potentially frightening solar events, such as eclipses, are nothing to worry about. Bright, luminous illustrations, reminiscent of the style of Eric Carle, encourage readers to turn their gazes to the real sky above their heads.

Overall, The Sun Plays with the Moon is both instructive and imaginative—a fun introduction for young readers to space science.

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Alicia Mofford: Author Headshot

About the Author

Alicia Mofford is native to the tropical island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Today, she calls Chicago her home. When she isn’t writing, Alicia is likely spending time with her family or playing with her dogs. Alicia works in the software industry and follows her muse after work. Whenever inspiration strikes, she is ready! The Sun Plays with the Moon was written in one day. It is safe to say that Alicia follows the mystery of her muse! You can find her at

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