The Toothfairy of Difflewood | Dedicated Review

The Toothfairy of Difflewood | Dedicated Review

Book Review of The Toothfairy of Difflewood
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The Toothfairy of Difflewood Book Cover

The Toothfairy of Difflewood

Written by Joseph Keyne

Illustrated by Brittany Gneiting

Ages 4-8 | 34 Pages

Publisher: World of Nin | ISBN: 978-1-5136-8066-8

What to Expect: Fantasy, fairies, dentistry.

The dentist can sometimes feel like a scary place to visit; not even adults like having their teeth poked and prodded, and for children, the experience can be intimidating. The Toothfairy of Difflewood uses rhyme, gentle humor, and an upbeat fantasy setting to introduce readers to the dentist, taking away some of the scariness and uncertainty.

Do squirrels visit the dentist when they crack a tooth? Who do wild pigs go to for their annual dental cleaning? And what about moles with toothaches—who can make them feel better? Why, the toothfairy, of course!

Toothfairy Pink lives in the woods and helps all the woodland creatures with their dentistry problems, from fillings and crowns to cleanings and cracks. Sometimes the animals are frightened by the noises they hear coming from her surgery room, but Toothfairy Pink soon calms them down and teaches them that a trip to the dentist is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, she makes them feel all better!

Each comical situation, from the squirrel whose tooth ends up embedded in an acorn to the mouse having his grin assessed, is brought to life by Brittany Gneiting’s colorful, comical illustrations. Onomatopoeia also helps to add humor and fun to the story, offering explanations for the scary sounds that sometimes drift into the dentist’s waiting room.

Any trip to the dentist will feel more like fun after reading this sweet little story.

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Joseph Kayne Headshot

About the Author

Joseph Kayne was born in Longview Texas. Since he was 12 he loved writing short stories and poems. These eventually coalesced into the Book of Nin, a collection of stories about the land where dreams are made. He since then has become a dentist and practices in Provo Utah, so naturally, The Toothfairy of Difflewood is the first of those stories to be published. @worldofnin

Brittany Gneiting Headshot

About the Illustrator

Brittany Gneiting is an illustrator and animator who was born in Provo, Utah, and grew up in Spring Creek, Nevada. She has always loved to explore different worlds through books and drawing. This led her to attend Brigham Young University- Idaho to pursue a degree in Illustration. She graduated with her BFA in December 2016 and has since continued to learn about how to tell stories by taking classes through Animation Mentor. She enjoys watching animated movies, shows, reading, playing Zelda games, and spending quality time with her friends and family.

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