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Book Review of Tony T-Rex’s Family Album
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Tony T-Rexs Family Album

Written by Prof. Mike Benton

Illustrated by Rob Hodgson

Ages 5-10 | 64 Pages

Publisher: Thames and Hudson | ISBN: 978-0500651681

What to expect: Dinosaurs, dry humor, facts

Have you ever wanted to know the real history of dinosaurs, straight from the dinosaur’s mouth? Come join Tony the T-Rex as he introduces you to his family and gives an insider’s look at what dinosaurs are really about!

Tony the T-Rex has a lot of interesting relatives. From the Diplodocus to Megalosaurus, there really is a long, rich family tree he covers. And with dry humorous bits (let’s talk about dino poop or coprolites!) and descriptions from a savvy teenage dinosaur, this book is a ton of fun.

Tony T-Rex's Family Album Illustration

Dinosaur expert Mike Benton leads readers through a funny and intriguing history of dinosaurs. Who had the longest neck? What’s up with dinosaurs with feathers? Which dinosaur fossils can be found on which continent? If you’ve got a kid who loves dinosaurs and knowing the real, sometimes kind of bloody truth, this is the book for them! Tony is a charming narrator who brings light to an interesting subject, and Benton’s facts keep the book “meaty” for even the biggest dinosaur lovers.

Colorful illustrations by Rob Hodgson keep the dino-magic alive as readers explore different time periods and dinosaur groups. There are some realistic, but not TOO realistic, dinosaur images that true dino fans will really dig, and the vibrant colors keep it all fun and lively.

Readers will love journeying through the age of dinosaurs with Tony and his prehistoric family!

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About the Author

Mike Benton is a leading paleontologist.

About the Illustrator

Rob Hodgson is a British designer and illustrator. He is the author and illustrator of The Cave and The Woods and the illustrator of An A to Z of Monsters and Magical Beings and A Good Day for a Hat. He lives in Bristol, UK.

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