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Book Review of VROOM! Barry, Kari and the Power Boost!
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VROOM Barry Kari and the Power Boost

Written and Illustrated by William Wilberforce III

Ages 3-8 | 28 Pages

Publisher: William Wilberforce III | ISBN-13: 9788412328133

What to Expect: Friendship, growth mindset, positive thinking.

Barry is a very big bear, but when his friends laugh at him because he can’t roller-skate, Barry doesn’t feel big at all—he feels very small indeed. He’s so embarrassed that he’s sure he can never be fast enough to race with the others. Then, he meets Fast Tommy, who teaches him that hard work and perseverance are just as important as talent. More importantly, Tommy helps him see that the journey is as important as the destination. With Tommy’s help, Barry doesn’t just learn how to skate fast—he learns how to love learning to skate!

There’s no doubt that it can be hard to try new things. For many children, the fear of failure is so great that the effort of learning something new just doesn’t seem worth it. VROOM! Barry, Kari, and the Power Boost! uses familiar situations and relatable characters to help readers overcome these fears and develop a growth mindset—the knowledge that you can become better at anything if you are willing to practice and take your time. Cartoon-like illustrations add gentle humor, reminding readers that there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes along the way.

VROOM! Barry, Kari, and the Power Boost! is an uplifting story with a powerful message about working hard, learning, and trying your best.

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About the Author

Children’s book author William G. Wilberforce III knew that storytelling was in his future during a trip to Rome, a city with its own storied history.

All of William’s stories are based on his own life lessons, people that he knows, and experiences that he’s collected, particularly the period of time that he spent in the hospital following two surgeries to save his life. Envisioning his children’s stories during some of the worst days of his life became therapeutic for him, enabling him to see the positive and the best days ahead and laying the foundation for his books. 

William thinks a good story is one that is fun but ends with a theme that young readers can relate to and that stays with them long after the book is closed. His new picture book, VROOM! Barry, Kari, and the Power Boost, shares with children to always believe in themselves and their capabilities and silence the voice of self-doubt.  

William is also the illustrator of his stories. As a child, his mischievous background was the interesting launchpad for how he learned to draw. When he was grounded, he’d see all the new toys in the Sunday newspaper ads but, since he had been naughty, his parents wouldn’t buy them for him. Instead, William took to drawing these favorite toys, coloring them and cutting them out, and keeping them in a special jar as his own toys, and a future artist was born.

When he isn’t writing inspiring children’s stories, William is a health coach and runs a personal training business whose mission is to improve his clients’ lives and help people believe that what they want is possible. He listens to many audiobooks, enjoys working out, walking in nature, and listening to music. With his parents originally hailing from Ghana, William lives in San Diego, California, with his pup, Smokey. VROOM! Barry, Kari, and the Power Boost is his debut children’s book.

For more information, visit https://williamwilberforceiii.com/.

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