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Book Series Review of We Can Color! Fun and Facts Coloring Books
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Written by Daniel Gershkovitz

Illustrated by Roksolana Tkach

All Ages | 70 Pages

What to Expect: Kid-friendly scientific content, STEM, coloring pages

The We Can Color! series offers readers an enticing combination of coloring and fun facts. The books are ideal for younger readers, who can immerse themselves in a wide variety of scientific topics. Nice, chunky black line illustrations support coloring with various materials, from markers to coloring pencils and crayons, making them accessible to readers with a wide range of motor skills. Each book provides well-researched facts to accompany the specific coloring pages.

The Coolest Trucks in the World Coloring Book

Trucks are used all over the world but come in only two different designs. From transporting goods to providing labor on construction sites, these vehicles are wonders of modern engineering. Readers can learn how they work and what they do as they color their way through this volume.

Space Technology and Our Solar System Coloring Book

Exploring everything from space shuttles and space stations to astral bodies such as the sun, Mars, and comets, this fun and informative coloring book provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to space science and technology.

The Coolest Aircraft in the World Coloring Book

Focusing on a range of different famous aircraft, such as the AH-64 Apache, Air Force One, or the Harrier, as well as more general facts, such as what an airship or a passenger plane is, this fun and informative coloring book and fact guide provides an introduction to the exciting world of aviation.

The Coolest Vehicles in the World

Ever since the wheel was first invented, human beings have come up with ingenious ways of getting themselves and their possessions from place to place. From monster trucks to police cars and from tractors to bullet trains, readers will learn the science and history of vehicles of all types in this fun coloring book.

The Great Animals of the Desert Coloring Book

From rattlesnakes to kangaroos, this carefully researched coloring book takes readers on a tour of the many species of animals inhabiting different deserts around the globe. Quick facts accompany realistic illustrations that emphasize the unique features of each animal, providing readers with an introduction to the fascinating adaptations that make desert creatures unique.

The Great Dinosaurs of the Earth Coloring Book

Travel back to prehistoric times with this dinosaur-focused coloring book. With illustrations of dinosaur habitats and classic dinosaur favorites like T-Rex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus, this fun coloring book allows kids to soak up some dino facts while bringing the past to life with color.

The Great Animals of the Farm Coloring Book

Refreshingly, this coloring book does not limit itself to the usual pigs, horses, sheep, and cows. Also included are fun facts and coloring pages for animals less often associated with farms, such as Koi fish, honeybees, and peacocks. Have fun exploring what role each animal plays on farms around the world!

The Great Animals of the Forest Coloring Book

Forests around the world hold an amazing variety of different animals. Learn about pandas, tree frogs, porcupines, and more in this comprehensive animal coloring book.

The Great Animals of the Jungle Coloring Book

From tigers and parrots to anacondas and hummingbirds, there is no subject more colorful than the jungle for a coloring book! Learn about the habitats, behaviors, and characteristics of fantastic jungle animals while trying out every color in your coloring box with this volume.

The Great Animals of the Ocean Coloring Book

There is plenty to learn about in the ocean, from the habits of familiar sharks and octopuses to the bizarre characteristics of starfish, seahorses, and lobsters. Readers can learn as they color with this detailed volume.

The Great Animals of the Savannah Coloring Book

Everyone knows about lions, elephants, and zebras, but honey badgers, warthogs, and gnus may be less familiar! Readers can explore camouflage while coloring the leopard’s spots, learn how long a flamingo lives, and count the aardvark’s toes in this fun volume.

Accessible, fascinating, and engaging, these books are perfect for readers who like to go beyond coloring to learn more about the world around them.

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