We tried The Earthling Co.’s bar shampoo. Here’s what we thought. | Damn you, Facebook Ads series

We tried The Earthling Co.’s bar shampoo. Here’s what we thought. | Damn you, Facebook Ads series

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Last year I tried Hairstory’s New Wash Shampoo after seeing some Facebook ads for it, and whoa, our review really resonated with our readers!  So when I saw ads for The Earthling Co.‘s bar shampoo, I knew I wanted to buy it and give it a try too.

The primary appeal is the fact that there is no packaging — other than the 100{95a2b84223771f6dc99687581f8d75dfbd5fdd45bc711e1847180ef96d7d2d0f} compostable box and paper bag it ships in. As someone who’s trying to make more eco-friendly choices for my family, this is a big benefit. The next one: the ingredients. Like the “safer” ingredients I was looking for in Hairstory shampoo, these Earthling Co’s bar shampoos tout no SLS, fillers, silicones, parabens or preservatives. They’re vegan, cruelty free and palm-oil free.

On top of all that, one bar (about 3 oz) is supposed to last up to 80 washes and (bonus!) can travel with you through TSA checks.

But how does it work? I tried it for a week, and here’s what I found after a few washes.


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First, about my hair…

First, let me tell you a little bit about my normal hair routine, so you can get a good basis for comparison to your own hair.

My hair is just below shoulder-length and falls somewhere between wavy and curly, tending toward frizzy. It’s about as natural as it gets — it’s never been dyed and I use very few products on it besides the occasional spritz of hairspray or dry shampoo.

Recently I’ve been using Pantene shampoo 3-4 times per week, and I’ll use conditioner about once a week. I usually let my hair air dry, and once a week or so I use my straightening iron to get out the frizz. Lately it’s been feeling a little more greasy than usual, so I’ve been supplementing with dry shampoo about twice a week between washes.

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What is a bar shampoo and how do you use it?

If you’ve never tried a bar shampoo, it looks kind of like a soap, as you might imagine.

The Earthling Co. shampoo bars use lemon juice, lemon powder, essential oils, cocoa butter and coconut oil to clean and moisturize your hair, and you can choose from seven different scents, ranging from a woodsy “sweet sandalwood” to bright “citrus sun,” and the light and airy “simple fresh.”

When I hopped in the shower for my first shampoo, I was a little doubtful how well it would lather up and wash, but OMG. That lather! I rubbed the bar directly on my wet hair a few times, then lathered it in my hands for a few seconds and used them to gave my hair a vigorous wash. My hair was full of soapy lather. Like, the kind where you can create sculptures out of your hair.

Two thumbs up for lather.

When I rinsed it out, my hair had that squeaky clean feel. I’d equate it to how my hair feels after using a deep clean shampoo that’s meant to strip your hair of product buildup.

After I washed it, I used the conditioner bar, but only on the ends. (That’s how I use my regular conditioner as well.). I held the ends in one hand, rubbed the bar on with the other, then ran my fingers through. It felt creamy and rich and washed out easily.

On first use, I was 100{95a2b84223771f6dc99687581f8d75dfbd5fdd45bc711e1847180ef96d7d2d0f} satisfied with how well The Eartling Co. soap lathered up and how clean my hair felt after washing. It smelled fresh but not fragrant; I bought the Citrus Sun scent while it was mild during the shampoo, it really has no scent to it after I rinsed it out.

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How my hair looked after one day with Earthling Co. bar shampoo

After the first wash, I just towel dried my hair and let it air dry the rest of the way. My hair has a tendency to have a lot of big volume when it air dries, and this wash was no different. It wasn’t heavy or dirty feeling.

The next morning, my hair still felt clean and full — not weighed down. I was able to go without washing my hair that morning, and it still looked fresh. I styled it with a flat iron mid-morning, and it took the heat well without losing body.

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How my hair looked after one week using Earthling Co. bar shampoo

After one week, my hair still felt clean and bouncy, without too much buildup. It didn’t feel like any heavy products were weighing it down or making it greasy.

In fact, while sick with both the flu and pneumonia that week, I felt like my hair actually looked good. (That was a win, considering how I felt that week, ugh.) And while it does seem maybe a tiny bit frizzier than normal, I’m chalking that up to the endless rain and humidity we’re experiencing right now around Nashville.

However If your hair frizzes with it, please let us know!

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The verdict on Earthling Co. bar shampoo

I am now a 100{95a2b84223771f6dc99687581f8d75dfbd5fdd45bc711e1847180ef96d7d2d0f} convert.

In fact, I just went back to their site and ordered 3 more bars. That way, I can stock up for the future and save on shipping.

(Tip: they offer some great discounts when you sign up for their emails!)

I love that the shampoo is bottle-less, not only because it helps the environment, but because it’s just simpler to use. Also — and this isn’t a big thing but I like it — my shower itself feels more minimalist and streamlined, with just three bars of soap along the shelf, and no bottles to tip over into the shower or out oton the floor.

but most of all, I love what it did for my hair. Hey, I bought it again, right?

You can find a variety of scents of The Earthling Co. bar shampoo at their website starting at $13 each.

Kate Etue