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What Is Charlie Doing

What Is Charlie Doing?

Created by Joy Anna

Illustrated by Noah Warnes

Ages 1-9 | 32 Pages

Publisher: JoyEl Publishing | ISBN-13: 9781952123023

What to Expect: Explanations, service animals, dogs

What is Charlie Doing? is a vibrantly illustrated story about Charlie the service dog, and the essential life-saving job he must do. In this picture book, readers are introduced to Charlie, a Goldendoodle with an extraordinary nose and a red vest, and learn about his training to become a service dog.

Author Joy Anna does an excellent job explaining to readers the important role of a service dog and how Charlie works by using his nose. Smells are essential to Charlie—Noah Warnes, the illustrator, presents this in a way all readers can appreciate. From happy scents that smell like sunshine in a field to sad scents that smell blue, the audience can see and understand how Charlie interprets the world around him. These child-friendly illustrations do a fantastic job of showing readers and non-readers alike the importance of Charlie’s job.

In addition to the fun story and colorful illustrations, this book teaches both young children and adults the valuable job a service dog performs and shares why it’s crucial to leave service animals to do their job. No matter how big, cute, cuddly, or soft a service dog is (and Charlie is all these things), it is important not to touch working dogs, which is a good lesson for everyone.

Dog lovers everywhere are sure to enjoy What is Charlie Doing? for both its instructional and empathetic storytelling. 

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About the Author

Joy Anna was raised on a farm, she also lived outside the United States and was raised with all her brothers. She loves Mondays, dislikes Fridays, loves skinny French Fries, Twizzlers, cheese, pickles, and olives. She loves to write, doodle, landscape, garden, and run. She is also a survivor and a woman of tremendous faith.

She has stores of energy that seem endless at times. She has 3 kids and 2 granddaughters and lives in a warm house with her family and Charlie, her Golden Doodle.

For more information, visit: www.authorjoyanna.com

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