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Book Review of A Discovery of Dragons
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A Discovery of Dragons

Written by Lindsay Galvin

Ages 8-12 | 288 Pages

Publisher: Chicken House | ISBN-13: 978-1338714449

What to Expect: Science, Evolution, Animal Welfare, Mythical Creatures

Most people are familiar with Darwin’s discoveries in the Galapagos Islands—they changed our understanding of history and the natural world forever. But what if Darwin didn’t reveal everything he discovered?

Simon Covington loves working as Darwin’s assistant, but when he becomes stranded on a deserted island after saving his master from drowning, Simon discovers something new and astonishing: the world’s last surviving dragon. Unfortunately, neither Darwin nor anyone else is willing to believe Simon’s account of what he saw, despite the mysterious eggs and affectionate baby dragon (a strange new lizard?) he rescued and brought back to England. However, when the eggs hatch and the babies begin to suffer in the cold English climate, Simon knows he must get them back to the Galapagos—even if it means risking his position with Darwin, breaking the law, and losing any hope of anyone ever believing in dragons.

A Discovery of Dragons is a breathtakingly exciting story with just the right balance of rigorous scientific content and delightful make-believe. Through the engaging character of Simon and the hard choices he has to make, readers are encouraged to think through difficult questions about our relationship and responsibilities to the natural world, the nature of animals, and the interaction between science and empathy. It’s a story that neither denigrates science nor implies that it can make no mistakes—an important message, given the debates about science that rage in society today.

Vivid descriptions of the natural world will help readers discover their own love of nature, while the intense action will ensure that readers won’t want to put this one down.

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About the Author

Lindsay was lucky enough to be raised in a house of stories, music, and love of the sea. She left part of her heart underwater after living and working in Thailand where she spent hundreds of blissful hours scuba diving. Forced now to surface for breath, she lives in sight of the chillier Sussex sea with her husband and two sons. When she is not writing, she can be found reading, running, or practicing yoga. She has a degree in English language and literature, is fascinated by psychology and the natural world, and teaches science. Lindsay hadn’t written creatively since childhood until the idea for her debut novel The Secret Deep splashed into her mind, and now she’s hooked.

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