Arabella’s Alphabet Adventure

Australian author Suzy Zail has created this delightful picture book with a unique storyline. 

Set in a library, this story is about the book itself – Arabella’s Alphabet Adventures.

Arabella’s Alphabet Adventuresis the most popular book on the shelf and has the honour of being the most borrowed book – quite an achievement.

But Arabella wants to be more than just an ABC book. Especially a book that has been drawn in, pages ripped and read by sticky fingers covered in jam.

As a Librarian, this gem of a picture book is close to my heart – the story is clever, relatable and innovative. The storyline demonstrates the power of words and the journey of discovering where you belong – something we all search for in life.

Ready for an adventure Arabella find herself on the returns trolley next to a travel guide. Taking her chances, she slips inside the travel guide amongst the photos of exotic places and paragraphs of information.

Soon Arabella discovers herself sitting on the highest shelf in the Library. Thrilled with her new shelf, she imagines she is on an adventure. An adventure that takes her to deep dark jungles, sleeping under the stars and watching lions laze in the hot Kenyan sun.

But no one comes to read her and Arabella longs to be nestled on a lap, teaching a child how to read, even if they do have sticky fingers.

The reader will be carried along with Arabella’s quest to explore what is out there and where they might belong. The gorgeously vibrant and cozy illustrations by Christopher Nielsen will entice children to explore libraries and curl up with a newly discovered book or author.

Will Arabella’s Alphabet Adventures be found? Or will she never be borrowed again? Maybe visit your local library and curl up with this book, that is if you can find it . . .

Title: Arabella’s Alphabet Adventure
Author: Suzy Zail
Illustrator: Christopher Nielsen
Publisher: Walker Books Australia, $25.99
Publication Date: 1 March 2022
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781760652425
For Ages: 4+
Type: Picture Books

April 16, 2022 at 12:31AM DimbutNice