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The Boy in Two PLaces: Book Cover

Written by Luke Fredenberg

Illustrated by Phillip Ortiz

Ages 5-10 | 28 Pages

Publisher: Luke Fredenberg | ISBN-13: 9780578320175

What to Expect: Christian faith, end of the world, belief, salvation.

The Boy in Two Places is grounded in selections from the Christian bible and offers an emotional exploration of the Christian faith for children.

Some believe that the Christian bible foretells a time of great challenge and tribulation, known as the End of Days, just before Jesus will return to the Earth. For the boy living through these days of darkness, the contrast to his life before is colored by strong emotions: joy, fear, hope, sadness, and above all, faith. Where he once was innocent and carefree, now he has the strength to face the struggles ahead with courage because he knows his love of God will keep him safe.

Like the text, the illustrations superimpose images of a carefree childhood with newspaper stories about disaster and chaos and apocalyptic scenes. While covering topics familiar to readers from current events, such as pandemics, war, and food shortages, an emphasis on the real world helps to make the conceptual issues of faith real and immediate for a young reader.

The story tempers its apocalyptic theme by exploring faith-based approaches to overcoming adversity and negative emotions, and encouraging readers to adopt an optimistic, reflective, faith-based outlook. Nevertheless, readers may want to be aware that some images and content might trigger anxiety and other mental health concerns, making shared reading the best approach to allow for conversations to support a positive reading.

Overall, The Boy in Two Places is a thought-provoking text for young readers interested in the Christian faith.

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About the Author

Luke works as a full-time missionary at The Prayer Room Missions Base, which hosts city-wide prayer meetings 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. He uses his passions for writing, music, and teaching to connect people’s hearts to God and what He is doing in this generation. Luke lives in Arlington, Texas with his wife and son.

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