[BHE 496] Professional Development Texts and Diverse Narratives

Myra here.

Before I left to present at a conference in the US, I received the following professional development texts and diverse narratives – some I brought with me while my husband and I were traveling.

Diverse Narratives and Professional Development Texts

(01) The Blind Owl by Sadegh Hedayat and Translated by D. P. Costello (Amazon | Book Depository)

(02) The Ten Thousand Things by Maria Dermoût and translated by Hans Koning (Amazon | Book Depository)

(03) The Price Of Water In Finistere by Bodil Malmsten (Amazon | Book Depository)

(04) Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals (Amazon | Book Depository)

(05) Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde (Amazon | Book Depository)

(06) Against The Loveless World by Susan Abulhawa (Amazon | Book Depository)

(07) Foundations Of Critical Race Theory In Education edited by Edward Taylor and David Gillborn and Gloria Ladson-Billings (Amazon | Book Depository)

(08) Education For Critical Consciousness by Paulo Freire (Amazon | Book Depository)

(09) Notice And Note: Strategies For Close Reading by Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst (Amazon | Book Depository)

(10) Forged By Reading: The Power Of A Literate Life by Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst (Amazon | Book Depository)

(11) Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Matters by Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst (Amazon | Book Depository)

(12) Silence And Silencing In Children’s Literature edited by Elina Druker and Bjorn Sundmark and Asa Warnrqvist and Mia Osterlund (Amazon | Book Depository)

(13) You Can’t Say That! Compiled and edited by Leonard Marcus (Amazon | Book Depository)

How about you? Any new book finds?

November 28, 2021 at 06:31AM Myra Garces-Bacsal