Review: Christmas Always Comes

What makes a ‘proper’ Christmas? 

Joey, Ellie and their parents are travelling, droving, trying to find water and grass for their cattle in the midst of a drought.

Ellie’s more worldly understanding of the situation is balanced by Joey’s innocent belief there will be Christmas with all the trimmings. A trees with decorations, presents, and pudding.

Christmas always comes, but how will Santa know where to find them? Joey hangs up their socks for presents anyway.

When they awake on Christmas morning, there are no presents waiting.

A chance meeting between the children and a grumpy old man reminds the man that Christmas is about giving. As the man talks with Joey and Ellie, he realises he can make their Christmas Day special by sharing what he has. 

Their Christmas might not be quite what they expected, but it is still Christmas and it’s special.

Christmas Always Comes is a heartwarming new picture book from award-winning collaborators, Jackie French and Bruce Whatley.

It’s not about a northern hemisphere Christmas full of snow, nor is it packed with glittery wrapped presents. Set in the country during the Depression, this is an Australian story through and through. Complete with the muted colours of the dry land, and the heat of summer. It’s a story that serves as a reminder there are people who struggle to make ends meet, and that Christmas is about more than material things. 

Grab a copy of Christmas Always Comes and read it with your family this Christmas.

Title: Christmas Always Comes
Author: Jackie French
Illustrator: Bruce Whatley
Publisher: Harper Collins, $ 24.99
Publication Date: October 2021
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781460757895
For ages: 3+
Type: Picture Book

November 27, 2021 at 11:35PM Unknown