[BHE 521] Overdrive Haul

Myra here.

Over the past several weeks, I have been sharing my e-picturebook haul. Here are the titles that I managed to chance upon, thanks to Overdrive.

Overdrive Finds

(01) Somebody’s Land by Adam Goodes and Ellie Laing and David Hardy (Amazon | Book Depository)

(02) Coral Woman by Lubaina Bandukwala and Sanket Pethkar (Amazon | Book Depository)

(03) I Love You Like Yellow by Andrea Beaty and Vashti Harrison (Amazon | Book Depository)

(04) Somewhere In The Bayou by Jarrett Pumphrey and Jerome Pumphrey (Amazon | Book Depository)

(05) Mommy’s Love by Ekaterina Ladatko and Anastasia Galkina (Amazon | Book Depository)

(06) Star Fishing by Sang-Keun Kim (Amazon | Book Depository)

(07) A Grandma’s Magic by Charlotte Offsay and Asa Gilland (Amazon | Book Depository)

(08) In Our Garden by Pat Zietlow Miller and Melissa Crowton (Amazon | Book Depository)

(09) Yes! No! A First Conversation About Consent by Megan Madison and Jessica Ralli and Isabel Roxas (Amazon | Book Depository)

(10) A Blue Kind Of Day by Rachel Tomlinson and Tori-Jay Mordey (Amazon | Book Depository)

(11) Wutaryoo by Nilah Magruder (Amazon | Book Depository)

(12) RESPECT: Aretha Franklin, The Queen Of Soul by Carole Boston Weatherford and Frank Morrison (Amazon | Book Depository)

(13) All From A Walnut by Ammi-Joan Paquette and Felicita Sala (Amazon | Book Depository)

(14) Once Upon A Forest by Pam Fong (Amazon | Book Depository)

(15) Dress-Up Day by Blanca Gomez (Amazon | Book Depository)

(16) I Begin With Spring: The Life And Seasons Of Henry David Thoreau by Julie Dunlap and Megan Elizabeth Baratta (Amazon | Book Depository)

How about you? Any recent e-book haul?

May 29, 2022 at 06:30AM Myra Garces-Bacsal