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Clementine Gets Unstuck

Written by Christine Corrigan Mendez and Jen Monika McCurdy

Illustrated by Dana Regan

Ages 6-8 | 36 Pages

Publisher: CCM & JMM Wellness LLC

ISBN-13: 9798985809107 | eBook ISBN-13: 9798985809114

What to Expect: Emotional regulation, problem-solving, self-control, agency

Clementine has lots of super cool ideas about everything – what to wear to school, where the school field trip should be, and what to do at the weekend. The problem with having lots of ideas is that they can get all tangled up, leaving Clementine feeling stuck and unhappy. Clementine tries and tries to untangle her ideas on her own, but it is just too hard. Then, the school counselor, Ms. Katie, teaches her a fantastic new tool: Belly breaths. With long, slow breaths to cool down her overheating brain, Clementine can finally sort her ideas out and come up with a very cool plan—the Kids Can Club!

Smart, creative kids often struggle to keep their bodies moving at the same pace as their brains, and the result is often frustration, anxiety, or sadness. Clementine Gets UNSTUCK! helps readers learn a simple, proven behavioral therapy technique for calming down, slowing down, and taking control of racing thoughts and ideas. An engaging main character, relatable narrative, vibrant, cheerful illustrations, and visual and textual clues reinforce the belly-breath technique, encouraging readers to understand and try it themselves.

The first in a series to encourage kids to extend their agency from their bodies out into the world by starting a club of their own, Clementine Gets UNSTUCK! is a solid start to what is shaping up to be a fun and empowering series.

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About Christine Corrigan Mendez, M.Ed., LPC, NCC

Christine Corrigan Mendez, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, is a licensed professional counselor in private practice. She provides individual mental health therapy and offers support programs for pet illness and loss. She is a writer who has contributed to pet publications and local newspapers. Christine and her husband are devoted to helping animals and have rescued and provided a loving home for feral and abandoned dogs who were suffering on the streets of St. Louis, MO. Their current “Mendez Pack” pooches are shelter rescues, Luna and Nate.

Jen Monika McCurdy Author Photo

About Jen Monika McCurdy, M.Ed., LPC

Jen Monika M c Curdy, M.Ed., LPC, is a licensed professional counselor, therapeutic coach, mom, entrepreneur, and lover of all things big and possible. Her passion is to empower her clients to live the life they most wish to live. Jen specializes in maternal mental health, working primarily with women and couples struggling with infertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum challenges. Jen and her husband live with their two boys and two pups in St. Louis, MO.

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