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Book Review of Flying Fillies: The Sky’s the Limit
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Flying Fillies- The Sky's the Limit

Written by Christy Hui

Illustrated by Veronica Scott

Ages 7-13 | 200 +

Publisher: Kokomo Entertainment Inc. | ISBN-13: 9798986299808

What to Expect: WWII, girl power, aircraft, coming of age, horses

Many of the available historical fiction set during World War II focuses on Europe, but Flying Fillies is a story about an American girl in wartime America.

Dawn is thrilled when her family tells her they’ll be leaving the big city of Chicago for the family ranch in Texas. Even though the other kids tease her, her dream is to be a cowgirl under wide-open country skies—and a fighter pilot! However, things are changing all around her: her beloved horse, Midnight Angel, has been put down, and on top of a new school and new bullies to contend with, now there’s Hitler and the outbreak of war to worry about.

Not all the changes are bad, though. As Dawn experiences the (literal) ups and downs of volunteering with the WASPS at the airfield, she’ll also learn much about who she is and who she can be in this strange new world. Dawn is a realistic and relatable character whose worries and hopes will feel familiar despite the eighty years that separate her world from that of modern readers.

As well as watching Dawn blossom into a strong and independent young woman, readers will benefit from a detailed account of what wartime America looked like, based on true stories and offering thought-provoking depictions of rationing, sexism, and military service. After the story, nearly 50 pages of real-life photographs from WWII America, the WASPS, and the attack at Oahu accompany a discussion of the history behind the novel’s setting and help bring the realities of WWII to life.

Flying Fillies: The Sky’s the Limit is inspirational and informative—perfect for fans of historical fiction and horse lovers alike.

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About the Author

Christy Hui is an award-winning children’s TV producer and writer known for creating “Xiaolin Showdown” and “Xiaolin Chronicles.” A love of female empowerment led her to write her first children’s book, “Flying Fillies.” She lives in Florida and is available for select speaking engagements.

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