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Book Series Review of Land of Lots
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What to Expect: Rhyming, friendship skills, kindness, and communication.

The “Land of Lots Series” is a beautifully illustrated series of books focusing on the different aspects of friendship. Carl does a superb job of creating the Oomlot animal characters with whom readers will readily form a connection. Each book has a two-page spread at the end, providing a look at each Oomlot and allowing the reader to remember each character through punny jokes. While all three titles in the series stand alone, they shine when read together.

Younger children will enjoy listening to these books when read aloud and hearing the rhyming patterns in the text. At the same time, they will admire the soothing, whimsical illustrations created by the illustrator. Adults will appreciate the subtle way the author presents the “lessons to be learned” to his reader.

Land of Lots, Land of Lots: Plan Gill, and Land of Lots: Plan Paige are a delightful start to a series that young readers will love!

Land of Lots: Book Cover

Written by Christian Carl

Illustrated by Joyce Fan

Ages 4+ | 64 Pages

Publisher: AuthorHouse | ISBN-13: 9781665525763

Land of Lots: Lovelot is a girl roaming through space until she finds a strange and magical place called The Land of Lots. It is here where she meets a group of friends called the Oomlots. Our series begins. Lovelot befriends each Oomlot and notices both their strengths and weaknesses. Lovelot embraces each character, even with their “flaws,” which cause problematic situations for her. In the end, this is a story of friendship that can build between characters who are utterly different from one another.  

Land of Lots PLan Gill: Book Cover

Written by Christian Carl

Illustrated by Joyce Fan

Ages 4+ | 64 Pages

Publisher: AuthorHouse | ISBN-13: 9781665525794

Land of Lots: Plan Gill:  This is the second installment of the Land of Lots books. Gill is a fish, always flapping his gills and telling tall tales. One problem is that no Oomlot wants to hear his stories as they are all busy doing things. Lovelot, the girl who has settled down among the Oomlots, devises a plan for her good friend to show him that even if you have lots to say, there is a right time to tell and a suitable time to listen. The author uses kindness to teach how to interact positively and meaningfully.

Land of Lots PLan Paige

Written by Christian Carl

Illustrated by Joyce Fan

Ages 4+ | 64 Pages

Publisher: AuthorHouse | ISBN-13: 9781665525848

Land of Lots: Plan Paige: This is the third book in the Land of Lots series. This story focuses on Paige the Oomlot, who constantly has her head in a book reading, causing her to miss out on opportunities to interact with her other Oomlot friends. When the other Oomlots visit Lovelot, the visiting space girl, to complain about Paige, she shows them how to communicate better and find common ground.

Christian Carl Headshot

A Note From Author Christian Carl

I’ve helped raise three kids ages 27, 17, and six. Though the world has changed a lot over nearly three decades of parenthood—one thing hasn’t. Kids are impetuous, impatient, obsessive, selfish, clingy, loud, careless, moody, imaginative, loving, caring, beautiful, and oddly smart little beings who just need two things from us – patience and a plan. Land of Lots is a faraway planet, but it hits close to home for me. And I hope it does for you too.

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