How the new Panasonic HomeHawk makes home monitoring simpler, easier, and way less expensive | Sponsored message

How the new Panasonic HomeHawk makes home monitoring simpler, easier, and way less expensive | Sponsored message

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If you don’t yet have a smart home monitoring system, it can seem overwhelming to get started. Systems can be expensive, and complicated, with professional home-wiring to schedule, and installation to figure out. Thankfully, the new Panasonic HomeHawk is changing all that, making home security as simple, effective and secure as ever.

The new series of Panasonic HomeHawk HD cameras address so many of the concerns people have when it comes to home security monitoring, and then some.

HomeHawk is thoughtfully designed. The wide-angle and color vision make it so easy to see who’s at your front door, clearly, and quickly. You get a 172° view of your entryway, while most units offer a more limited 130 degrees. That cuts down on blind spots — even at night, since the color vision works when it’s dark out, too.

That’s especially important as we head toward Daylight Savings season, and it gets dark before the kids may even be home from school activities.

The camera also offers a two-way function, which allows you to both speak and listen. This way you can confirm that your visitor is someone you want there — or, to scare them away if it’s someone you don’t.

Even your deliveries will be safe with HomeHawk’s exclusive package monitoring mode, which notifies anyone at the front entrance that your home is being monitored. (And so are they.)

HomeHawk is easy to install. No wires means it’s incredibly simple to set up your system entirely by yourself.  No appointments to make, no installers to deal with. Just place it wherever you’d like, inside and out.

You can even hook up as many as 16 units on the same network, should you have more areas of your home you’d like to monitor.  When it’s wireless, it’s as simple to install one camera as it is to install a dozen.

In fact, you can purchase a single camera, or a pack of 3.

-HomeHawk protects all your data. There’s no third-party monitoring, no cloud services to hassle with, no sharing without your permission like some units have been reported to do. Instead, everything you record is saved directly to an SD card.

That means that all video footage from your camera is yours and yours alone.

HomeHawk is smart home ready. If you’re a Google Home or Amazon Alexa user, you’re in luck. The HomeHawk KX-HN7002W model pairs seamlessly with your existing system, making it a snap to control all your settings with a simple voice command.

And of course, it can be controlled with the free companion app on your mobile device, even when you’re on the go.

HomeHawk is affordable. Not only are you saving on home installation and rewiring, but there are no contracts. No extra fees. No payments for monthly monitoring. No expanding your data storage plan. No replacing batteries every month. As for the unit itself? That’s affordable too, and it includes so much.

The Panasonic HomeHawk KX-HN7002W HD camera, for example, comes equipped with the camera itself, plus one peripheral HD camera and one wireless access point base. That means your home is protected inside and out — safely, easily, and without spending a fortune.

As it should be.

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This has been a sponsored message from HomeHawk.
Thanks to them for making so many families feel safer, so easily and affordably.  

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