The mysterious isochronous curve – The Curiosity Show

The mysterious isochronous curve – The Curiosity Show

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The word ‘isochronal‘ means “equal or uniform in time”—iso meaning equal and chrono referring to time—which all makes sense when watching the mysterious isochronous curve video above.

In this old Curiosity Show clip, science educator and co-host Rob Morrison demonstrates how to draw an isochronous curve and why these curves are extraordinary. Watch as every steel ball dropped on any point in the curve meets in the middle of the curve at the same time as a marble dropped from any point on the other side.

isochronous curve demonstration
The award-winning Curiosity Show ran from 1972 to 1990 for school-age kids in Australia. Co-hosts Morrison and Deane Hutton won the rights to the show in 2012, and now share clips on their YouTube Channel.

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