Never visit the kids’ shoe store again, with Nike Adventure Club

Never visit the kids’ shoe store again, with Nike Adventure Club

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In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve become big fans of clothing subscription services. We’ve tried and reviewed Kidbox, Rockets of Awesome, and Stitch Fix Kids …with more on the way! But we haven’t seen a service devoted to shoes, until now. Just in time for back to school. Yay!

Nike Adventure Club sends your kid new shoes throughout the year, making sure you’re always in the right size and style for your kids’ feet. Knowing how fast my kids wear their shoes out, this will save me so much time going to the store.

But there’s more! They also send cool outdoor adventure guides, complete with games and activities you can do with your kids while you break those shoes in. So fun.

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The Nike and Converse shoes are all new when they come to you, and you get to keep them when you’re done. That said, twice a year Nike will send you a pre-paid bag where you can return any old shoes you no longer want. They’ll either recycle them (keeping them out of landfills, yay!) or refurbish them and donate to kids in need.

The club serves kids who wear shoes sizes 4C to 7Y, which is roughly kids ages 2-10. You choose your frequency (I’m good with the 4 pairs per year option, thanks, but you can also get 6 or 12 pairs per year for serious shoe addicts).

Once you’re signed up, you and your kids can go online and choose the shoes you want from more than 100 styles in their collection. That’s a lot of options. And rest easy, you can do free exchanges if the shoes don’t fit or aren’t what you really love after all.

I love that this saves me hours at the sporting goods store, getting box after box from the back room while juggling 4 kids. And it also provides fun ideas for getting outside and active with my kids, and puts those old shoes to good use when we’re done with them. This might be the back-to-school timesaver we really need. 

Sign up for your 4, 6, or 12 pair subscription at Nike Adventure Club today.

Kate Etue