Tackling one of the trickiest parts of parenting: Discipline | Spawned Ep 186

Tackling one of the trickiest parts of parenting: Discipline | Spawned Ep 186

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Parenting is hard. We know that’s an obvious statement. But some parts are decidedly harder than others, and one of them is discipline. That’s why we’re happy to be chatting with school psychologist Lynn Burrell, who’s also the co-founder of our sponsor Weldon. She offers tips, tricks, and helpful advice when it comes to tackling this challenging issue. And as always, we close out our show with our cool picks of the week.

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Topics Covered on Our Show 

– Why it’s so difficult for parents to find discipline methods that work.

– Consistency, and why it’s so important.

– Thoughts on parents being aligned in the approach (for two parent households).

– A helpful discussion on punishment

– How to deal with tantrums

And a whole lot more!

About Our Sponsor

We’re pleased to welcome our sponsor Weldon, a parent coaching service that matches parents to licensed child development professionals for parenting support and guidance via regular phone sessions, text, and personally curated content. By connecting with experts, like our guest Lynn Burrell, Weldon co-founder, parents can develop a personal approach to everything from dealing with separation anxiety to managing tantrums, and pretty much everything in between. 

New to the idea of parent coaching? It’s a smart way for parents to get evidence-based support and guidance on parenting challenges from a licensed expert, right at your fingertips. Such a lifesaver!

Special offer for Spawned listeners: Go to helloweldon.com/coolmoms, sign up to get matched with a Weldon Pro (like Lynn Burrell), and get your first 30 min phone session free. 

Cool Picks of the Week 

Lynn: The Free People Sling Bag, which she feels is the ultimate stylish mom bag.

Kristen: She is swearing by her Old Navy running leggings, which can be worn when you’re not running, too.

Liz: The Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask (above) is a worthy splurge.

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