This brilliant classroom activity for Valentine’s Day makes everyone feel the love.

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Trying to find classroom activities for Valentine’s Day parties that are fun enough, cool enough, easy enough, and affordable enough isn’t a simple task. Plus, not every kid is comfortable with the “tell every kid in your class you love them” kind of thing, especially as they get a little older.

So, I’ve thinking how we could do it better, and it occurred to me: Let’s spread love beyond the classroom!

This way, everyone participates, everyone feels, good, and best of all, they learn the lesson that it’s wonderful to give to others without expecting something in return.

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School Staff Valentine Card Classroom Activity

The goal of this activity is to allow students to create handmade Valentine’s notes for staff members at the school who might be under-appreciated. We think this is a classroom activity for Valentine’s Day that they’ll remember for a long time, with a lesson that will last even longer.

Here’s how to pull it off.


Step 1: Get a list of staff names from the school office.

Be sure to include teachers in departments like art, PE or music, who may not have a dedicated room parent to look out for them. You can also include the janitorial and maintenance staff, the school nurse, counsellors, office staff, cafeteria workers, and any other adult whose hard work often gets overlooked by students on holidays or teacher appreciation day.


Step 2: Assign each child one staff member to write a note to, thanking them for their work and service. Describe the kinds of things they can say, and talk about how to be specific and personal in their message.

Step 3: Make fun, personalized valentines.

Bring in some simple Valentine’s craft supplies. Or, go elaborate if that’s your thing! Think: ppink and red construction paper, white doilies, markers, and stickers. I love the simplicity of this easy paper-towel roll stamp tutorial, above, from Crafty Morning. Even younger kids could easily use this craft idea to embellish their notes.

Make sure to leave space — and time — for kids to include a personal note.

You can also include a piece of candy, a box of conversation hearts, or a homemade treat with the card.

Just be sure the messages are suitable for teachers — less of the “I love you” messages, and more like “thanks for being awesome. One idea perfect for school staff: these free printable Valentine’s bookmarks from Positively Splendid, via our post on 15 of the best free printable valentines for kids.


Step 3: Deliver, and feel the love!

Divide the students into groups (with parents or teachers supervising as needed), and go on a walk through the school to deliver the cards to each recipient — with a hug or high-five, or whatever feels right.

Their surprise will delight the students, and the surprise cards and kind wishes are sure to make a staff member’s day.

Of course you can also put them in the staffers’ mailboxes, but if possible, it’s nice for the kids to experience the delivery in person. Even if you go on to have a Valentine’s card exchange and classroom snacks afterwards, I have a feeling this unexpected classroom Valentine’s activity will be the highlight of their day.

Top photo: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

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