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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’ve got fun craft ideas and activities on the brain. Because if you’re like us, the lingerie and dinner out just isn’t in the cards, which to be honest, is perfectly fine with us. So on this episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we’re sharing everything from fun crafts, printables and recipes, to our favorite games and family-friendly activities that can help you connect and make memories together. And best of all, they’re pretty much free or close to it. Whoo!

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Top photo credit: Cookie recipes for teens by The Sprinkle Factory, Baker:Logy, Sprinkle Bakes, and Eugenie Kitchen 

Links from our show

– Awesome printable valentines for classrooms. We’ve even got a bunch for older kids too, like these David Bowie printables by House That Lars Built (pictured above)

– We’ve got lots of adorable DIY Valentine’s Day gifts or party favors that you and your kids can make, from tote bags to mugs, and pretty much everything in between.

– Stock up on cookie ingredients and try some of these Valentine’s Day recipes that will be a hit with everyone. Plus, we hear calories don’t count on holidays.

– These classroom Valentine’s Day recipes are so easy, plus these cookie recipes are great for those of you with older kids (Photo, very top). We’ve even got a recipe for natural pink frosting.

– Make a Valentine’s Day themed school lunch together. Trust us, these are not super involved bento boxes. Just simple tricks to add a little love to their lunch.

– This is such a lovely classroom Valentine’s Day activity that helps spread love to teachers and school staff.

– Here are some of our favorite rom coms (pick what’s appropriate for your kids, of course). It’s fun to cuddle up together and watch a movie together.

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Cool Picks of the Week 

Kristen – Our #StyleOver40 posts over on our Instagram feed. Make sure you’re following us!

Liz – Pinhole Press itty bitty photo book. What a sweet Valentine’s Day gift (or any day gift).


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