Valentine’s hack to help make all those preschool classroom cards easier. For both of you.

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If you’ve got a child who’s excited to hand out Valentine’s cards to the classroom in preschool or daycare, but isn’t so great yet with the name signing — especially when it has to be done 18 or so times — here’s a clever idea. Mabel’s Labels just came out with some adorable, custom heart-shaped name labels.

If you’d normally spend money getting custom-printed cards, instead, just order a pack or two of custom heart labels and let your kid go to town sticking them on a free printable Valentine’s Day card as a “signature.” I like this idea, because you can keep using the labels on water bottles, school supplies, clothing tags, long after the 14th has come and gone.

If you prefer, you can order their traditional rectangular name  labels too, choosing a heart icon.

(Pro tip: You can cut off the icon if you’re reusing for summer camp and your kid is now more into skulls than hearts. Ahem.)

They sent me a sample pack, and I was pleased to see their heart labels have the same long-lasting quality and sharp professional printing that’s made Mabels a favorite of mine. 10 out of 10 would recommend.


Mabels also offered up the idea on their instagram feed to have them printed with a Valentine’s message and use those to seal up little classroom treat bags. Need some ideas? Here are 13 fun, easy Valentine’s treats for the classroom that kids will love. They’re all great for goodie bags too, if you happen to be throwing a Valentine’s Day bash on your own.

Either way way, even your youngest kids can experience the pride of “making” their own cards,  instead of you forging your own 4-year-old’s crayon signature when they run out of steam after the fifth card or so.

Not that I know anything about that.

Bonus: If you order the new heart-shaped name labels labels from Mabel’s Labels, get a few free VDay cards with your order while supplies last. 

Liz Gumbinner