Weather on the Rocky Planets and Gas Giants

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What’s the weather like on the other planets in our solar system? In this Crash Course Kids episode, Sabrina Cruz defines the difference between weather and climate. Then take quick virtual trip to our rocky planet neighbors: Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

What are their atmospheres like? Why can Mercury get so cold if it’s the closest planet to the sun? Does it really rain sulfuric acid on Venus? Why does Mars have such intense dust storms? And what is the greenhouse effect?

greenhouse effect
And what about the weather on the Gas Giants, the other four planets in our solar system? Learn about Jupiter‘s Great Red Spot, a storm that’s possibly been going on since the 1600s, Saturn‘s serious winds, Uranus‘ diamond rain, and Neptune‘s extreme lack of sunlight. Watch Gas Giants Weather next:

Related info from NASA: A Solar System Temperatures infographic and more on Gas Giant Interiors.

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