Web Coolness: What Kristen is reading this week

Cool Mom Picks

I’m excited to bring back our old school (or skool?) web coolness, and share some of the articles I’ve been reading this past week. Consider this all stuff I’d share on my own personal Facebook and Twitter feeds. And if you’re already following me, then my apologies in advance for the repeats.

Geoffrey Fowler’s piece about Facebook’s Off Facebook Activity tracker prompted me to write a post on Cool Mom Tech about it. If you were already skeptical about Facebook, this will probably make it a whole lot worse. It’s eye-opening.

I appreciated Jill Krause’s reminder on Facebook to be kind to our brains.

Our dear friend Asha Dornfest is bringing back personal blogging. I loved this piece on being more thoughtful about what we’re amplifying on our platforms.

As my kids get older, I am realizing there is no end to parenting. It’s not easier, just different. Our friend Meagan Francis writes about parenting her 18-year old on NBC News.

I got a kick out of this SNL Weekend Update skit addressing the lack of female (and diverse people) nominees at the Oscars. Just warning you: The song is pretty catchy. It’s highlighted in Vanity Fair piece by Christopher Rosen.

Lara Zarum captures why I’m so obsessed with Cheer on Netflix (my Cool Pick of the Week on this past week’s Spawned podcast, by the way).

I’m by no means a foodie, but I love what Danielle Centoni did – blind tasting a bunch of tomato soups. Brilliant!

And Zoe Fenson talks about why women are so damn exhausted which is also something Ada Calhoun is talking about (but in a sort of different way).

Kristen Chase